Believe Things Happen for a Reason

The sign in the kitchen of the house caught my eye as we first talked to the Higgins about the opportunity of moving their house to our ranch.  I wondered if this common phrase “Believe things happen for a reason” was trying to tell me something or if it was simply a favorite saying of the family that lived there.  My husband and I stood there visiting with the couple who we had just met that day and here they were offering to give us their home.  They fortunately were in the process of building another home and wanted to see this one live on and raise another family since it had been Brenda Higgins’ childhood home.  It was humbling to think how a couple that we didn’t know were offering to give us a gift beyond measure.

The way it all came together was through my husband’s aunt and uncle.  They knew we had been looking to build a permanent home on our ranch ever since we married eight years ago.  So, when their friends talked with them about not wanting to tear down their old house they suggested that perhaps we could make good use of it.  We had worked and saved for several years and were ready to make our move back in 2011 until the drought struck.  Our house savings took a direct hit from the extra expense of buying double the amount of hay needed in a normal year at twice the cost.  Funny how the saying goes “save your pennies for a rainy day,” but most ranchers will tell you that they save their money for those days that don’t rain.  We had all but given up hope at the start of 2013 on building a house since we were still wondering if the summer would bring a fourth straight year of little to no rain.  So, when the text message from Matt’s aunt came through in January it seemed too good to be true.  It simply said that their friends were building a new house and were offering to give us their existing home if we could move it.

Six months later, we are happy to have a new house that sits on a little hill next to our corrals and barn.  We watched this house make its journey to its new home on a beautiful August day.  The walls have a story to tell about life, love, and family and in the coming years we look forward to writing the next chapter with new memories created.  So many things have come together to make our dream come true of a home where we can raise our children.  We are so grateful to the Higgins and humbled by their generosity throughout this once in a lifetime experience.  It definitely makes us a believers that things do happen for a reason.